Short facts about fishing

Sällá. Fiske med kastspö. Foto Maria Söderberg

Sällá. En liten öring på kastspö. Foto Maria Söderberg

Within the municipality of Arjeplog are the sources of Piteälven and Skellefteälven, and of Laisälven, one of the tributaries of Vindelälven.
In the upper part of Piteälven is the well-known fishing camp of Miekak with its large, fly-caught char. If you follow Piteälven down to the forested land you soon come to the famous grayling currents in Lutton.
In Tjärnberg, Vuoggatjålme and Adolfström there are good accommodation and transport facilities, which make them perfect starting points for fishing in the western and southern parts of the municipality.
In the big lakes of Tjeggelvas and Hornavan it is possible to fish with modern trolling methods.
Fishing opportunities in Arjeplog are infinite and varied, and are open all year round. In “spring-summer”, popularly known as “the fifth season”, there are many jig fishing competitions. A number of other events are arranged, such as fishing festivals. There are all types of fishing: jigging, trolling, fly fishing or spinning.
There are centrally located fishing opportunities adapted for the disabled.

  • January, 10 2011